Concrete forms limited only to ones imagination.

Boom Bechkowiak, owner/craftsman, is focusing on counteracting the prejudices against concrete as a stiff, cold material by demonstrating its scope of creative possibilities. 

Boom began his career in the concrete business almost 30 years ago. The company has evolved from an emphasis on pouring large foundations and walls in commercial businesses, public institutions and residential homes to creating custom made, one of a kind, works or art, furniture and home furnishings.

Boom has refined the aggregate and the art of pre-casting concrete and now masters a material that is fickle and often misunderstood.  He harnesses concrete's ability to be a chameleon of sorts through carefully researched mixtures and selection of just the right surfaces to cast against in order to create smooth, often glasslike surfaces that appear to be weightless, and yet are as strong as you would expect concrete to be.

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